About Paul Kim

Nice to meet you and thanks for your interest. My focus is on how money works, and more interestingly, how capital runs the world. It's not fair, but it's just the how the world works. It is fascinating how different people look at money and it truly is a Rorschach test of one's point of view and experiences. I personally look at it from a more objective perspective and to try to see if for what is really is, which is a belief system. I'm looking forward to the many thought provoking discussions that I'm sure I'll have with all of you going forward.

Just a quick note on my background, I've had a twenty plus year career on Wall Street in infamous hedge funds like SAC Capital and Omega Advisors, and in the equity research departments of investment banks such as Bank of America and PaineWebber (which was bought by UBS).

Ask me anything, but please ask politely

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