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Oh, and I Made a Film

Dog Camp, A Dogumentary (2016)

I was never one to let silly constraints such as a lack of talent, resources, or experience stop me from doing something that I want to do, so hence this documentary.


This experience reinforced something that I try to get across to especially my students: to truly learn, one must free oneself of conventional traps and get out there in the real world, get messy, make mistakes, and always maintain a humble and naive mindset.


For me, storytelling is at the center of all things because it's about finding the truth, and the journey and the people with whom one shares this experience in getting there. There is really nothing else. I hope to share with you some more stories in the near future.

Trailer for Dog Camp, A Dogumentary

Dog Camp, A Dogumentary

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 54 minutes

Release Date: September 14, 2016

Imagine a glorious sea of Golden Retrievers frolicking in a bucolic summer camp setting. This was the imagery that inspired us to make this dogumentary film.


The film centers around Goldstock (think Woodstock meets Golden Retrievers), an annual event that takes place every Labor Day weekend in rural northeastern Pennsylvania. Goldstock is really about dog rescue and this wonderful, unique community. The attendees come from all over the country to re-energize, reconnect with old friends, and raise money for the dog rescue organizations that they run or represent.


All proceeds go to local rescues that were featured in the film.

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