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Fresh, Healthy Meals and Career Clothing for the Harlem Community

Several members of the Sustainable Investment Fund (SIF) Club at The City College of New York (CCNY) volunteered today to serve the Harlem community with fresh, healthy prepared meals from Red Rabbit and brand new career related clothing from Career Gear. Thank you Ashly Guzman Brito, Tasneem Chowdhury, Sam Jeong, Daviel Munoz, Charles Ramirez, Isabela Vieira, and Alton Verwayne from CCNY, and thank you Jourdan Lemieque and Jess Kendall from Career Gear!

The event was hosted by Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub and we thank Maurice Winley, Janet Brathwaite, Rhokeisha Ford, Newton James, Tine Reinert, and the rest of the amazing leadership team at LRYOH for making this event happen. We're very much looking forward to our next collaboration with these partners in the coming year!

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