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Student Trip to RBC Capital Markets

I arranged a field trip for students from my Applied Investing class at The City College of New York and some Manhattan College to meet with Shelby Tucker, Managing Director in the Equity Research division at RBC Capital Markets and with Vimal Patel, Head of Global Algorithmic Trading.

Shelby focuses on the power and utility sector and it was very informative to hear him talk about the rapid changes that are occurring in his sector especially as it relates to renewables and clean energy. Students also got a great overview of how the equity research process works as well as how a fundamental equity research process work in the real world in analyzing securities in the power and utility sector.

Vimal talked about how trading is quickly evolving through the use of technology and how the Wall Street overall is changing rapidly to digital and data-driven process from a more traditional, analog environment. We also had a recent CCNY alumna Gizem Kocak talk to students about how to successfully make the transition from college to a professional working environment.

Thank you Shelby, Vimal, and Gizem!

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