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Student Visit to the Urban Farm Initiative in Governors Island

I took students from The City College of New York and Manhattan College to visit the Urban Farm initiative in Governors Island to learn about sustainable infrastructure, composting, organic farming practices, and to learn overall how sustainable practices can be incorporated even in a very dense urban such as New York City. This is a wonderful program run by GrowNYC, a very important nonprofit that helps empower all New Yorkers to secure a clean and healthy environment for future generations.

We hope to take what we learn today back to our campus at CCNY to build initiatives and programs that will help make a positive impact in our local community in the heart of Harlem, especially as it relates to food insecurity and nutrition.

Thank you so much Bea Mora, Julie Walsh, Amanda Gentile, Bree Mortimer, and Nick Rolf at GrowNYC for hosting the event today!

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